Assignment Description 

The curriculum for multimedia designers describes content of the 2nd semester in two areas:

Design and programming of digital UIs 2: 

The subject element deals with the design and programming of complex digital solutions with a special focus on the user interface. In the subject element, key methods are used to test the user’s experience of digital solutions. Solutions are designed and programmed in teams using technologies and development methods that support team collaboration.

Digital content design and programming 2:

The subject element deals with the design and programming of complex digital content solutions for multiple media. The subject element focuses on several types of digital content, multiple media and associated production methods. In the production of content, technologies are used to monitor and present content, and the dissemination of data is part of the production of digital content.

The project is prepared in groups of 2-3 students. For more information see the Moodle flow, the curriculum and the exam catalog.

Link: Exam questions

Finished product

Online solution: “PraktikGuiden”

For this purpose, I intend to document the development of the website, as well as describe the choices taken, for example. design, layout, etc.

It describes how the task is tackled in terms of solutions.

The process is documented in Danish.

Link: Development


“The idea behind the site is really thought through”

“The entire website plays in colors, images and content”

“The illustrations make a good play in relation to the content and are really accomplished”



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