Assignment Description 

Introduction In your 3rd semester exam project you must demonstrate the knowledge, skills and competence you gained during the 3rd semester flow 1 and 2nd line subject (elective subject has its own exam and is not included in the line subject exam) The project must be done in groups of up to 3 people. Regardless of the organization, you are allowed (and encouraged) to form study groups where you can discuss the project and issues with fellow students.

The project

Create a multimedia production for an organization, company or club of your choice. It is encouraged (but not a formal requirement) that an existing company with a real problem be involved in the project

Link: Exam questions

Finished product

Online solution: “Samsø Festival”

For this purpose, I intend to document the development of the website, as well as describe the choices taken, for example. design, layout, etc.

It describes how the task is tackled in terms of solutions.

The process is documented in Danish.

Link: Development


“The idea behind the site is really thought through”

“The entire website plays in colors, images and content”

“The illustrations make a good play in relation to the content and are really accomplished”


10 I B